About Sauté

Note: At this time, Sauté catering services have been suspended for the safety of clients and staff. 

Sauté is more than catering from Utah Community Action. It’s a culinary job training program, led by seasoned chefs, that gives income-eligible parents a way to gain confidence and earn a livable wage for themselves and their families. When you support Sauté, you’re not just getting phenomenal food, you’re helping Utah residents build bright futures.

Our Team

Our chefs have a passion for sharing healthy food and leading the next generation of chefs in Utah. They’ve trained in top culinary programs, racked up years of experience in the industry, and now they’re  right where they need to be: making an impact in their community every day.

“A person cooking is a person giving.
Even the simplest food is a gift.”

Laurie Colwin

The Program

Sauté students complete a 12-week training program, gaining hands-on experience in the kitchen and learning the skills they need to excel in the culinary industry.